License ( TACLB34190E )
Houston Areas Including Katy- Richmond- Sugar land and The Woodlands
License Number ( TACLB34190E )
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Houston Areas Including Katy- Richmond- Sugar land and The Woodlands
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Maintenance Agreements

PM Service Agreement Why?


Home ownership is your largest investment. The place of comfort and security for you and your family. Our PM Service Plan will enable you to enjoy comfort throughout the year and reduce costly heating and air conditioning repairs.

Here’s how it works for you as a member.


1. LOWER UTILITY BILLS: Properly maintained air conditioning and heating systems keeps more energy dollars in your pocket.


2. INCREASES EQUIPMENT LIFE: The number one reason for system failure is dirt. Properly maintained equipment last longer.


3. SEASONAL MAINTENANCE: Included at no additional charge (when done during scheduled times). Tune-ups save you more money.


4. PEACE OF MIND: Your heating and air conditioning system is safety checked, saving you money and operating correctly. If it’s not you know who to call!


5. PRIORITY SERVICE: You get to “cut in line”ahead of non-members even at busiest times!


6. MEMBER DISCOUNTS: On parts and labor for a/c and heating repairs.


7. FREE REMINDERS: Take this off your “to do list”. We handle everything to keep you on schedule.


8. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This agreement can be cancelled at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with the unused portion of your dues refunded. 


Maintenance visit includes:


1. Documentation transferability  and equipment records


2. Priority service entitlement & discounted goods & services for clients with active PM Agreement


3. Check cleanliness of outdoor coil & compressor compartments


4. Cleaning treatment to condensate drain & inspect, clean/change filters


5. Clean electrical & blower compartments


6. Inspect service disconnect & tighten electrical connections


7. Inspect compressor contacts


8. Tighten low voltage connections


9. Inspect bearings & fan blades


10. Test capacitors & oil motors as needed


11. Inspect for proper refrigerant charge & systems pressures


12. Inspect thermostat, inspect condition of line sets & temperature      differential


13. Replace missing panel screws


14. Inspect  combustion fan motor & inspect burner ignition


15. Inspect  and clean pilot assembly, pull & clean burners


16. Inspect carbon draft ventilation


17. Inspect for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks from furnace


18. Inspect & adjust burner primary air (if necessary)


19. Inspect wiring condition & heat anticipator


20. Inspect sequencer operation & heating element contactors


21. Inspect  test defrost & heat anticipator


22. Inspect vent connections and conditions


23. Examine duct conditions (if accessible)


24. Tighten or adjust all belts and pulleys (if applicable)


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